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 The Spencerport Fire District 



Mission Statement

Prevent, extinguish, and suppress all destructive fires and hazards in our district; to aid and assist the District's police and ambulance organizations in matters of public safety; to promote the interests and education of citizens in our district in matters of fire prevention and suppression; to promote social and community activities for the mutual enjoyment and benefit of the members of the Spencerport Volunteer Firemen's Association.

District Profile

The Spencerport Fire District was formed in 2002 after The Village of Spencerport Fire Department and the Ogden-Parma Fire District merged to provide more efficient and cost effective fire service to the community.  

The Spencerport Fire District is governed by 5 publicly elected Commissioners and has an agreement with the Spencerport Volunteer Firemen's Association to provide firefighting personnel to respond on calls.  The Fire District owns three fire stations, four chief's vehicles, four pumpers, one aerial ladder truck, one heavy rescue truck, one squad pick-up truck, and one inflatable boat. The Fire District receives its funding through a fire tax.

The Spencerport Fire District sponsors an Explorer Post that is a division of The Boy Scouts of America.  The explorer program is an educational experience for youths and young adults who have an interest in public safety and want to gain more knowledge about firefighting as a career or volunteer opportunity later in life.

Spencerport Volunteer Fireman's Association

 The Spencerport Volunteer Firemen's Association has an agreement to provide personnel to the Fire District to respond on calls.  The SVFA has a roster of up to 110 members to include men and women in the roles of Interior Firefighter, Exterior Firefighter, and Fire Police.  The members of the organization are trained in responses to fire and medical emergencies.  The SVFA currently owns and operates a bus, a van, and a flatbed truck in addition to a storage barn behind Station 3 and the carnival grounds. The SVFA operates the annual carnival and fund drive to provide funding for activities through out the year.  The SVFA is also supported by a Ladies Auxiliary unit that consists of members significant others that support operations and logistics during incidents, fundraisers, fire prevention, and social functions.

Response Areas

The Spencerport Fire District covers the Town of Ogden, the Village of Spencerport and the southern portion of the Town of Parma in Monroe County, New York.  Coverage is contracted with the Chili Fire Department for the southeast corner of Ogden and with the Churchville Fire Department for the southwest corner of Ogden.  This is due to their fire stations being geographically closer to these areas resulting in a quicker response to emergencies.     

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