Please click on the link below for an important fire safety message. 









8/24/16- SFD has taken in 6 new Recruit Firefighters. From left to right is

Zach Bernier, Sam Lobene, Austin Genna, Steven West, Chris Ciesinski and Ron White.










7/21/16- Spencerport firefighters responded to Gillett Road for a farm combine on fire. 

The fire brought down utility wires and started a grass fire. 





7/20/16- Millard "Red" Fairley recently passed away. Red was a 60 year Life Member

of the Spencerport Volunteer Firemen's Association and a Past Commissioner

of the Ogden-Parma Fire District.




7/13/16- The new Pumper 2935 is now in service at station 3.  This truck features a 1000 gallon water tank, a pre-piped foam system and Hurst electric jaws and cutter extrication tools. This replaces Pumper 2932 which is no longer in service.




6/25/16- SFD responded to Stoney Point Road and Union Street for 

a car vs. motorcycle crash.  The motorcyclist has serious injuries.




6/12/16- SFD firefighters responded to Colby Street for a car that lost control

and went off the road flipping upside down. The driver had only minor injuries.




Click on the link below to view photos of the Muster held on 6/4/16.

Photos courtesy of Adrian DeJesus Photography.


6/3/16- Spencerport FD responded to Brockport with Ladder 2911 and 
Pumper 2912 for the working townhouse fire.
Please follow the link below for an important Fire Safety message.
5/12/16- Spencerport firefighters responded mutual aid to 
Brockport on Redman Rd. for the working house fire.
4/29/16- The new station 3 pumper has arrived. It will be some time before
it goes into service as equipment has to be mounted and firefighters
have to be trained in its use.
4/18/16- SFD responded to a working fire on West Ridge Road.  While on scene mutual aid companies responded to Meadow Drive for a working garage fire. Thank You to all of the mutual aid companies for your help at both fires and MVA.
3/25/16- The Spencerport Fire District has donated outdated
gear to the Petra Christian Fellowship who in turn donates it to needy
volunteer fire departments in the Philippines. If any fire department in the 
Rochester area would like to donate gear and other fire equipment
then please email the church at 
3/17/16- Spencerport FD recently took in 8 new members.
                           Scott Wisnowski  JJ Hampton  Steve Foster  Tom Licata
                                  Scott Calkins     Jason Ramble  Kalli Herouvis  Trent Lautner


3/5/16- Spencerport Firefighters responded Saturday night for a serious 2 car

crash at the intersection of Westside Drive and Union St.
1/11/16- Spencerport volunteer firefighters responded early this morning 

for a chimney fire on Thistlewood Lane. Once on scene it was

 discovered that the fire had spread in to the attic area. 

A good job was done to keep it from spreading to the rest of the house. 

 Thanks to all mutual aid companies that assisted or filled in.





SFD Run Stats for 2015

799 calls for service 

Situation Found

49 Fire
03 Overpressure Rupture, Exp
205 Rescue & Emergency Medical
135 Hazardous Conditions
116 Service Call
110 Good Intent
181 False Alarm & False Call

We had a 7% increase in calls for service from 2014 to 2015.



1/2/16- SFD responded to Union Street and Big Ridge Rd. for a serious 2 vehicle crash.

 Fortunately no one was trapped or seriously injured.



 The Spencerport Volunteer Firemen's Association's 

slate of officers for 2016.

Chief: Pat O'Hara
Deputy Chief: Joe Barretta
Asst. Chief:Tom Clark
Asst. Chief: Mitch Flagg
Captain: Bill Hallinan
Captain: Don Wood
Captain: Jorge Magin
Lieutenant: Jake Bromage
Lieutenant: Tom Sercu
Lieutenant: Richard-Timothy Magin
President: Cooper Harrington
Vice President: Jason Rampello
Vice President: Adrian DeJesus
Director: Tim Stevely
Director: Christian Geer
Director: Sara Grapensteter


11/30/15-  6 Spencerport Volunteer firefighters 

graduated from Firefighter 1 class tonight.

          From left to right: Carl Diehl, Joe Tinkleman, Cole Tresohlavy, Brad Anderson,
 Sara Missell and not pictured is Jeff Fleming.
SFD firefighter Carl Diehl received an award for finishing 
as the top student in the Firefighter 1 class.



11/22/15- SFD responded to assist the Brockport Fire District 

with a working house fire on Redman Road.



11/8/15- SFD responded to a Union Street residence 

for a gas can that caught on fire. 

 Fortunately the fire was extinguished before it caught the structure on fire.




11/2/15- SFD firefighters responded to a small barn fire on Route 31. 

 Upon arrival it was fully involved and was a total loss.

10/6/15 - SFD Engine 2912 responded to assist the Gates Fire District 
with a house fire on Rowley drive.














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